Star Wars:Clone Wars sketch cards

I did 106 sketch cards for Topps.  The set came out last week and a few of my cards have already hit ebay.  I’m flattered that people like my cards enough to track them down and buy them off ebay.


Just to recap, I turn in 106 cards to Topps and then I get to choose 6 cards to get back.  I did something special for those 6 cards back.  I made the card a part of a bigger art piece of art.


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2 Responses

  1. JonECat says:

    Great Idea! You should sell all 6 for $1000!!!

  2. Spencer says:

    I’ve had some interest in the cards and the frame already. I don’t have the cards back yet so I can’t really sell them, but with the other cards going for around $100.00 on eBay, I’m interested to see how those special cards do.

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