SDCC Thursday

I flew in from Japan on Tuesday and stayed with my cousins.  I went down to San Diego Wed. for preview night and then hit the floor on Thursday.  My cousin Jeff came along for all the excitement.

I got ready for the event by wearing my Star Wars Japan 30th anniversary shirt.


The Mummy was advertising with a small troop of Teracotta soldiers.  I found Iron Man and Ben 10 there as well.  Right across from Ben 10 was the Atom booth.  I was scheduled to work the booth on Friday but I thought that I would check in and see how things were going.  It turns out that I was mistaken and that I was supposed to work the booth on Thursday.


 At the convention there are always lots of free stuff to grab and people wearing great costumes.  This first photo is a combination of both.  The Warner Bros. booth were handing out these great big bags to put all your free stuff in and this girl decided to make a costume out of it.

Next is Emma Frost and Phoenix followed by the Elvis Trooper.




I got to meet Steve Sansweet in Japan and then spent about an hour and a half talking to him in LAX.  I asked him if he was ever mistaken for George Lucas.  He clearly stated that he had the beard first and the George was actually trying to look like him.  :D  I was working at the Atom booth and saw Steve walking up and ran over exclaiming, “Mr. Lucas!  Mr. Lucas!  Can I have a picture taken with you?”  :D  He shot me a look and said, “Oh Spencer” then posed for the photo.  The next celebrity I met is never confused for someone else, Pikachu.




That evening was the Star War Fan Movie Challenge.  I forgot my badge and Justine from Atom came down and escorted me directly to the VIP section.  We sat a row behind Kevin Spacey and lost to the forcecast.  I took a few photos and I just love Mary Franklin’s vintage Star Wars shirt!



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