Celebration Japan; Day 1

The first day of the convention!  I left my room (on the 24th floor) to head down to the lobby and looked out the window at the elevators to see this wonderful shot.


So now the convention hall is all set up and my table is set up too.


I HAD to put the post of the Bandit from the cover of Hot Rod Magazine.  😀

Steve Sansweet was the master of ceremonies and opened up the event by cutting the ribbon with a lightsaber.  I actually didn’t get to see the opening, but I shot some video of the very first group of people RUNNING down the stairs and into the convention hall.


The day went pretty good.  I think that my sketch cards were priced a bit high so I only sold 2 of them.  It was fun to have people be excited about getting a custom created sketch card.  Most of them wanted to have their picture taken with me after they had bought a card or print.


I also got to meet some people that had gone to great lengths to be in costume for the event.  I met the girl dressed up as Obi Wan and I asked if she had seen the girl dressed up as Ahsoka.  She said that it was a friend and I told her to get her to come by my table so that I could get a photo.  A bit later they all showed up!  It was pretty cool.


I also had a blast talking with the kids.  This little Jango Fett was walking by Daniel Logan’s signing area and he called him over and signed his helmet for him.  I haven’t met him yet but that makes me think he’s a good guy.


And what Star Wars convention would be complete without Slave Leia?


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2 Responses

  1. Shibaura says:

    Hello, Mr.Spencer!
    I met you in Star Wars Celebration Japan on July 19.
    I’m “the girl dressed up as Obi Wan”!
    I was very glad and happy to meet you 🙂
    This is a photo taken with you.
    This is happy memories for me!
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Shibaura says:

    Hello, Mr.Spencer.
    I’m “the girl dressed up as Obi Wan”, met you in Starwars Celebration Japan on July 9!
    I was very glad and happy to meet you:-)
    The photo with you and me is put here!
    This became my wonderful memories.
    Thank you!
    and May the Force be with you!

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