The Bandit Audition

I have a friend who’s a Police Detective.  He had shown my video to all of his co-workers and was really excited to see the Bandit.  I drove it into the office so that I could go and meet them after work.  I figure that with a car like that, it wouldn’t hurt to have lots of friends at the Police Station.  😀

As I’ve been looking for a new job, I’ve made some connections with some old friends.  Leanne and I worked at KnowlegeNet together about 8 years ago.  She’s working at Rainbow Studios making video games and their offices are very close to my work.  I invited her and some of her co-workers to come over and see that Bandit.  They all seemed pretty interested in the car.

IN FACT!  I took the car back to the studio yesterday to  audition the car to have it recorded to be one of the car sounds in an upcoming game!  The audition seemed to go well, I just have to find out when the recording session will be.  😀

Here are some photos from first time I met the Rainbow Studio crew.

image012  image015  image013

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3 Responses

  1. Alicia Halleman says:

    The Bandit would be the perfect sound for any game involving cars. That engine sounds sweet!!

  2. Jeremy Smith says:

    Dude… I didn’t know Rainbow Studios had an office here in the valley… I wanna go work there…. I can make sounds… can I audition?

  3. Spencer says:

    I forgot to talk the them at the time, but I want to audition to be a voice actor too! Curse you BANDIT! YOU’RE STEALING MY GLORY!!!! heheh

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