Networking for the Blind

One of the guys that we met in Australia was Iain Murray. He works in Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Research at the Curtin University of Technology. He told us that when he first learned about the Networking Academy Program that he thought it would be perfect for the Blind. He said that it required the network engineer to be able to visualize the network as much as being able to actually build one.

Below is Iain, Aubrey, Dr. Helen from the University, (Helen Parke is blocked from view) and then Lou.



This is a peak into the secret lab…well not so secret. Iain is working on new technology to assist the blind. I think that he said this project was a PDA.


The Cisco Networking Academy text book in braille.


I though this poster was great!


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2 Responses

  1. assistive technology says:

    Awesome! This is very exciting. And that poster is really humorous.

  2. spencer says:

    We went and visited the new center where the Networking Academy is going to be moving into. They’ve got this great interactive media area. You take a cane with a speaker on it, get blind folded, and go into a dark room. The cane has a sensor in it that activates the speaker to give you information about the room.

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