Goodbye Australia ;(

Well, it’s hard to say goodbye, but I’ve been away from my family for 2 weeks. I’m getting pretty excited to just get home. This is a shot down by the Harbor at Fremantle.


I was standing at the airport and decided to do a panorama shot. I got to the end and this girl was standing there and just made for a wonderful reflection shot!


In parting, I forgot to mention that everything in Australia was pretty familiar. I was a bit confused by “Hungry Jack’s”. I forgot to take a photo so I got this one off the internet. It turns out that someone already owned the name “Burger King” and wasn’t willing to part with it. As a result, we have Hungry Jack’s.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I wish Jen could have gone with you. Maybe one day the 2 of you can go?

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