The First Duct Taped Avenger part III

To complete Duct Taped Avenger costume, we decided to make the helmet/mask.  I started with a grocery bag over my sons head, but I warned all of the other children that we DON’T put bags on our heads!  I put some tape around the eyes and nose to work to define the shape of the mask.  I drew the eye holes on it (added some pupils for fun), then cut out the eyes.

Duct Tape Avenger 24Duct Tape Avenger 25Duct Tape Avenger 26

I added some vertical strips of tape to the nose to define the bridge and the brow line for the mask.  I used smaller pieces of tape and around the eyes and then wrapped the extra tape through the eye hole to make a clean edge.  Then I cut the tape and angled it on to block out the shape of the ear holes and the back of the helmet.

Duct Tape Avenger 27Duct Tape Avenger 28Duct Tape Avenger 29

With the head covered with the blue tape, I cut out some strips of white to make the details for the “A”.

Duct Tape Avenger 30Duct Tape Avenger 31Duct Tape Avenger 32

Then we added the “Wings” on the sides, a chin strap, and then outside for some photos in the full costume

Duct Tape Avenger 33Duct Tape Avenger 34Duct Tape Avenger 35

 Duct Tape Avenger 36Duct Tape Avenger 37

Duct Tape Avenger 38Duct Tape Avenger 39

Last a little video overview and seeing the shield in action.  In the video I talked about the costume being tacked together with “glue” and I meant to say tape.  ;P

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