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Last July, right before the San Diego Comic-Con, the BBQ aprons that I designed for the Star Wars Shop went up for pre-sale.  For those you you who may not be familiar with the Comic-Con, over 120,000 people show up to talk about, look at, and buy all sorts of pop culture, comic book, and movie merchandise.  It has become THE place to launch movie, comic, and tv news and get LOTS of attention.  So with that in mind, I started to devise a scheme to bring lots of attention to the aprons that I designed.  I started by contacting the head of a website called Leia’s Metal Bikini.  Every year at these conventions, Jamin the Slave Master gathers together his princess Leia’s for a gigantic photo shot.  I got things all timed out, and was able to get the prototype of the Leia BBQ apron and I crashed the photo shoot!

Sitting in the middle of these girls with all the camera flashes going off was a bit surreal (and a little awkward).  I think that this made for a pretty good launch for the product.  Here are 2 more photos shot by Nicole Love from Lucasfilm and found in their flickr gallery.  You’ll also notice that the apron is being modeled by Adrianne Curry, the winner of America’s Next Top Model.  (she’s a HUGE Star Wars nerd!).  You can see a poor quality video that I shot from the event here.


Well the news of this apron design has hit the internets like a storm over the past few months.  Just do a search for “Slave Leia Apron” so see all the results!  Most recently it was announced that the aprons would be available through the SkyMall magazine as well as from the Star Wars Shop, and then the products were highlighted on the G4 in the video below. It’s pretty exciting to be part of a project that has gotten this attention, AND it makes a wonderful last minute, quick and comfortable Halloween costume! 😀

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    This is Offensive!

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    what part of this do you find offensive?

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