Star Wars Zombies

There has been a bit of a fuss lately about Star Wars Zombies. Several of us artists were involved in Zombie Week on the main site at leading up to the release of the Dell Ray book Death Troopers. This was followed by the Clone Wars episode “Legacy of Terror” about the Jedi’s return to Geonosis to face the Queen and her horde of undead warriors. I had mentioned this trend to my friends the Fillbach brothers to which they replied, “Well, we did it first.”

Matt and Shawn are quickdraw cartoon cowboy guns for hire. They have been working on many different comic projects including the Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures digest sized books. In volume 9 fist printed in Oct. of 2007 there is a story written and illustrated by the Fillbach brothers called “No Way Out”. In this story Mace Windu is looking for a missing squad of Clone Troopers and comes across the Countess Rajine and her ZOMBIE ARMY! 😀


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