Back From The Dead!

Tuesday, JUNE 20th at the Wembly Arena in London kicks of the ONE NIGHT ONLY WORLD TOUR of SPINAL TAP! heh…hehh….one night only… tour…. hheheheh.

1984 Rob Reiner created a fake documentary mock Rockumentary about the fictional band Spinal Tap. Reiner plays the part of filmmaker Marty DiBergi as he chronicles the bands first US tour. The film satirizes the wild personalities and antics of Heavy Metal bands, but then accidentally makes the fake band quite popular. To mark the 25th anniversary of the movie, the actors are staging a “Come Back” World Tour (that will only be held one night). They have a new album with a fold out cover that includes paper dolls of the band. I find myself laughing about this world tour and the whole premiss of the movie, but I don’t remember it being too family friendly.

I checked on the IMBD guide for parents has the following bit of information about this movie;

Some innuendo, some in the form of lyrics. Suggestive scene involving tight trousers. A pickle is found in someone’s pants. 23 F-words. Some S-words. Highly suggestive lyrics.

Spinal Tap Website.

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