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The website ThinkGeek is famous (well I think it’s famous) for some of the most creative and catchy products.  They know their geeky audience and they stock what they need.  Well, every April Fools day, they have a slew of joke products that are so fun you find yourself saying, “That should be a real product because now I WANT IT!”  This year’s gag gift idea was so great that they’re actually trying to bring it to life.

A Tauntaun Sleeping bag.  Many of you may know this already but in Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back we open on the snow planet of Hoth.  Our Hero Luke Skywalker has been injured and his friend Han Solo has ridden off in on his trusty Tauntaun to find him.  Well Han did find Luke, but he was freezing to death.  Han’s Tauntaun died from exposure to the elements and so Han used Luke’s lightsaber to cut open the Tauntaun and stuff Luke inside to keep him warm.

Now look at this cozy sleeping bag!  The zipper is a lightsaber so you can simulate cutting open the Tauntaun.  Look at that intestine lining!  Absolutely wonderful!  😀

I had seen this floating around online last week.  I thought it was pretty cool, but I really didn’t stop to take notice until I saw some notes on my Facebook page that one of my friends at Lucasfilm was sending the link to another Lucasfilm friend who happens to work for the Star Wars Shop.  The website ThinkGeek got such a huge response to this prank that they have decided to start the process to see if they can make it real.  I don’t know that anything will happen with it, but I DO know that the people at Lucasfilm are aware of their efforts and that’s good.

Thanks to Jeff at Sirvus Design Studio for pointing me back to the story.

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2 Responses

  1. Ian says:

    I hope they make this in adult sizes if they make it that is!

  1. October 7, 2009

    […] wrote before about the wonderful April Fools Tauntaun sleeping bag that was made by the website ThinkGeek.  Well, it looks like they’re […]

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