Star Wars Galaxy Sketch Cards

I worked on another set of Star Wars Sketch cards.  I’m always trying to do something new and creative with these sketch cards.  This time around I took the 100 cards and split them up into ELEVEN sets of NINE with one card left over.  I then arranged the NINE cards into a 3×3 rectangle and drew a dark grey boarder around the cards.  I did this to establish a location for each card in the puzzle.  I then proceeded to draw NINE versions of different Star Wars characters that would all fit together into one set like the one below.


This way, people who were interested in making a set by collecting all the characters had a better chance because I made multiple characters.  If a collector wanted to get even more ambitious, they could try and collect all NINE cards of a single character like the samples below.  It becomes a sort of Mix and Match type of game.


So, back to the math aspect of this project.  In the ELEVEN sets of NINE cards, I did NINE sets from the original Star Wars Trilogy.  Then I did a set based off of the new Clone Wars movie and the last one is from the video game The Force Unleashed.


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5 Responses

  1. Spenc, these are great!


  2. Spencer says:

    I’m glad you like them Holly. I’m ironing out a few kinks in my production method and then it’ll be time to work together on that Twilight project you’ve been telling me about. ;]

  3. Clint says:

    These are pretty sweet!

  4. Erin says:

    Awesome, Spencer, you are so talented!

  5. Spencer says:

    Thanks Clint and thanks Erin. I opened up this post to reply to your comments and I’m surprised when I see those character cards. I’m really happy with the way that they turned out and I forget that at this time last year I was just getting back into drawing.

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