Hero At Large

Hero at Large is a 1980 comedy film starring John Ritter and Anne Archer.  Ritter plays the part of Steve Nichols a struggling actor.  He takes a job posing as comic-book hero Captain Avenger at comics stores and conventions.  On his way home from one of these appearances and finds his life unexpectedly complicated when he stops a robbery while wearing the costume of Captain Avenger.  He’s feeling pretty good about helping people and continue trying to be a superhero only to discover that the superhero life is more complex than he initially thought.

I’ve always thought that the idea behind this movie was pretty interesting.  Anybody can see the news and see the crime going on all around us.  It would appear that there are real life super-villains, so why not have some real life super heroes?  This leads me to the World Super Hero Registry.

I saw an article on Gizmodo about people dressing up to help out with patrolling and protecting their neighborhoods.  Both Rolling Stone and the Times Online have written about the US’s superhero phenomenon. Labeled by some as a post-9/11 response and apparently spurred by Obama’s call for “active citizenry,” everyday people are dressing up in spandex to patrol the streets in a manner reminiscent of The Watchmen.

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4 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Are you sure you don’t mean the Mystery Men? 😉


  2. Spencer says:

    I, well, I have a hard time talking about the Mystery Men. My wife’s cousin was in town and I convinced them along with my FATHER-IN-LAW to go to the Dollar theater to watch Mystery Men. I told them that it was SOOOO stupid that it was funny. I sat there in the theater with them and I could feel the hatred rolling off of them like a heat wave. I had subjected them to that awful movie. They were so bored and upset with me for wasting their lives that I couldn’t really even enjoy the movie. I haven’t seen it since.

  3. Eric says:

    I had the same experience with Stacia! LOL. Just know, that next time we see each other we can watch a funny movie that from hereafter will remain unnamed.

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