Muggle Quidditch

The Intercollegiate Quidditch Association recently held a competition at the sports REAL birthplace Middlebury College.  (I say REAL because the Harry Potter books are fictional and this game is not, it’s only based on fiction so it’s like a type of fictious reality event.)  There are currently over 150 colleges with Quidditch teams including Boston University, Vassar, Bucknell University, Tulane, Oberlin and Emerson College to name a few.  The game itself is a mix of dodge ball and tag mixed in with the regular Quidditch rules. The IQA’s website includes team stats and player info, scores, standings and schedules.  The thing that I think I was most impressed by is that they have a media section that includes photos and videos AND LIVE TV COVERAGE!!!

Through the magic of the internet, anyone can sign up on Ustream and the plug their camera into their laptop and then send a live broadcast across the inter-webs.  Amazing.  OH, and I LOVE the Golden Snitch.

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2 Responses

  1. Shellie says:

    I LOVE this. I so want to play! And you’re right, the snitch is super funny…

  2. Spencer says:

    I’d be a little nervous about running around with a stick between my legs. 😀

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