THIS JUST IN!!!!  The official Holonet News is back with episode (podcast?) number 2.  In the 4th Clone Wars Comic (illustrated by Katie Cook) we are introduced to a Rodian reporter named Yutsen from the Tri-Nebulon News.  Yutsen interviews Senator Amidala and accuses the senate of doing nothing to stop the terrible pirate attacks that have befallen Rodia.  Padme seems moved to assist the Rodians, but Palpatine sends Padme away to serve as his diplomatic Envoy to meet with the Banking Clan.  The hope is that the Banking Clan will terminate their alliance with Dooku and join the Republic.  Padme wishes to bring up the situation of the Rodians but Palpatine says that time is short and they will discuss it later.  Enroute to this meeting Padme runs into General Grevious’ ship the Malevolence and becomes his prisoner.

This new Holonet News update confirms that the pirate attacks ARE in fact taking place.  You can listen to the report here.

This episode introduces us to HNN reporter Rule Davenbay and transport pilot Mowan Mowadon as well as a new protocol droid translating Mowan’s report.

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