What I watch…When I get to it

I learned an interesting term a little while back.  It turns out I’m a time shifter.  Pretty cool eh?  There are quite a few shows on TV that I’m interested in, BUT between having the independent contractor work all day, my personal art projects in the afternoon, kids, house, scouts, videos, and well ETC. I just don’t sit down and watch a show during it’s air time.  I save the shows and then watch it when I get around to it.  I’m 2 episodes behind on Heroes so don’t tell me what’s going on!  😀

Here are the shows that I’m watching….eventually.

Terminator,  Heroes,  & Chuck.  Then starting on Oct. 13th we see Samantha Who, AND My Own Worst Enemy.
October 14 is the return of Eli Stone .  I’m not too interested in watching Fringe yet.
Pushing Daisies
Smallville (I know, I didn’t watch the last 1/2 of last season because it was getting LAME) and The Office

I am a big fan of The Middleman and am looking forward to the return of my Saturday Morning cartoons.

Here’s a little more Chuck for ya.

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