PS3 Movie Download

Finally!  Netflix gave us the opportunity to go online, build a virtual library of movies and then have them delivered right to our door.  This brilliant business model was done so well that Blockbuster took notice and then started their own direct DVD delivery system.  But what’s next?  Well, you just have to skip the Disk delivery and have it come through the internet.

Amazon Unbox is trying this now. You can “rent” a movie that streams to your computer.  Pretty cool stuff.  But Netflix wasn’t going to sit by the sidelines on this one.  They too offer streaming videos to your computer.  It’s pretty cool stuff, but I don’t want to sit infront of my computer more that I do already.  So here’s the big news.

Rumor has it that Sony will be announcing at E3 that they will make a movie download service available to US PlayStation 3 owners this summer.  This in conjuction with plans to make tv service also available.  So I have a great video game console, a Blue Ray DVD player, harddrive to store music, photos, and downloaded tv shows, and soon, a way to watch tv and movies.  AWESOME!

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2 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Have you tried to watch a movie online via Netflix? It’s ridiculous. Hulu has much better performance. Netlifx had a knee jerk response to iTunes when they offerred unlimited online viewing hours and then made it impossible to watch a movie online. Or perhaps that’s marketing brilliance! Hopefully PS3 offers good performance.

  2. Spencer says:

    Yeah, it’s always the concern. You can stream media to lots of different devices but what’s the quality. I like the idea and that fact that we’re moving forward on this type of media, but it’s got to have quality and performance.

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