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The Diamond in the Rough 3

The Diamond in the Rough

So, the Chennai traveler’s hotel left me wondering what I was going to find at the University Guest Housing. Boy was I happy to pull in through these gates!!! Here’s the main entrance from...

Po-ta-to Po-tah-to 2

Po-ta-to Po-tah-to

So, it’s 4AM local time. I leave the Chennai airport and head toward the gate for Coimbatore. I felt like Tom Hanks in “The Terminal”. I was standing in line to go through customs...

Paper or Plastic 0

Paper or Plastic

  The flight to Chennai India was less forgiving about the “Only 1 carry-on” rule. They made me jump out of line and get my bag checked in. I’ve got that tripod attached to...

Blinding Flash! 0

Blinding Flash!

  So, I’m back in the Heathrow Express. I thought that I’d be smart and leave 1 of my bags at the airport so I wouldn’t have to drag it all over the place....

Sure, I’ll have a Pint! 0

Sure, I’ll have a Pint!

  ….of LEMONADE! I was walking around Windsor castles and stopped for a bite to eat (I know I’ve got the receipt for that somewhere…). I decided that a place called “King and Castle”...

Where in the world…. 2

Where in the world….

Do you know where I am?? So this is a shot of my room at the marriott. But just down the road is Windsor Castle. Why couldn’t we get a room there? The next...

Row Heath-ROW 1

Row Heath-ROW

I’m sure that we’ve all had that uncomfortable feeling of flying around the world and being self conscious about our breath. Well, the British are real innovators in the field of dental health. Don’t...

Now departing Phoenix 2

Now departing Phoenix

  LOOK AT THE GEEK!!! The kids were pretty good when I left. Nicole was asleep, so I didn’t get to say good bye to her. by