A Christmas Card for you!


With each new year comes a time of reflection. As 2013 was winding to a close I found myself wishing that I had made a better effort to send out Christmas Cards. Well, in the heat of the moment decided that I was going fix that in 2014. Even worse than making that decision, I actually said it out loud and this germ of a project moved from the realms of my thoughts and into reality. Now that it’s November, I’ve got to make this thing happen. So I’ve signed up with MailChimp to help me manage my contacts and to give a little back with the occasional email newsletter.

So follow this LINK and sign up for the Newsletter and I’ll put you on my Christmas Card list and make some new art for it. This will be the only way to get the art card and it’s completely free to you. Note that the Santa Biker on this page was done for my buddy Nick out in Australia for a different project that he’s working on.

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  1. November 10, 2014

    […] Thanks for all the input. I've decided to try out MailChimp a shot to help me manage all my contacts. So here's the deal, I'm trying to do something special and give you guys a bit "THANK YOU" and I want to send out a Christmas card. I'll be some brand new art and it'll be available to those who sign up for my newsletter. So in addition to getting a free card, I'll be sending out an occasional email about what projects I'm working on, some behind the scenes photos, and other stuff. The picture below is NOT the card that I'll be sending out, but it's a new illustration that I just finished up for my buddy Nick. Here's the link for my website with the sign up form. A Christmas Card for you! – Studios B3 […]

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