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I found out about PayPal mobile today on PayPal’s homepage and went on to read some more about it here.  I could have used this information over the weekend.  So for Father’s Day my brother and I took my Dad out to Joe’s Farm Grill (they grow their own food and grill and WOW, but that’s another story).  Because I’m a struggling artist, I knew that my Dad or my brother would try and cover the bill for me.  I didn’t want them to do that so I brought some cash with me and when my brother jumped in front of me to pay the bill, I slipped the cash in his pocket and called it good.  One of the promoted uses of PayPal Mobile is “Split the Bill”.  You can send money through PayPal on mobile web at or you can activate your phone and send money by text.

Another “fun” feature that they are trying out is called “Making an offer”.  How many times have you sat around and said, “I’ll give you $20 if you go eat that corn dog off the ground”.  Now with the PayPal offers you can make this game into a reality.  Here’s a real sample from the website.  Victor propositioned Domenico $7 to “Stop being such a creep”.

Also available as an iPhone and Android application making spending money and double-dog daring your friends to do stupid things all the more easier.  😀

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