Live Action to Animation

The Science fiction website io9 had an interesting post about which live action shows could make the leap to animated shows.   I posted some information about different TV shows that were being cancelled.  They went a step further and listed the pros and cons of the cancelled shows living on as an animated show.  Here’s two cancelled shows and their take on a possible rebirth  

Why it’d work: High adventure on the space waves with a band of colorful characters risking life and limb as they try to survive? It’s like Dungeons and Dragons grown up and transplanted into orbit.
Why it may not be the best idea: Would it hurt too much? Perhaps – or maybe we just wouldn’t be interested if we couldn’t see Jewel Staite on a regular basis. But Whedon’s series work in large part because of the actors as much as the writing, and it just wouldn’t be the same without them.
Verdict: Sadly, we’re saying that the Serenity should stay grounded.

The Middleman
Why it’d work: From its origins as a comic book to its broad cartoony comedy as a television show, this is another series that has always felt like a cartoon despite its flesh and blood stars. Plus, as a cartoon, imagine everything it could get away with but couldn’t afford on an ABC Family budget!
Why it may not be the best idea: We have no reasons why. Seriously, this is a no-brainer.
Verdict: Did you miss the part where we called it a no-brainer above?

When I first started drawing sketch cards I looked at them as a way to make my own animated version of the film properties. So which shows would you like to see animated?

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