Falling in with the old gang

The year was 2001 (hmmm, that has a familiar ring to it), I had just started working for the Cisco Networking Academy and I was very confused.  You see, I was actually an employee of Aries Technology that was staffed at Cisco Networking Academy.  I felt like I was some sort of double-secret agent or something.  Then one day in 2004 I was moved with the majority of my team from the 2nd to the 4th floor.  We were now working for a company called the Cisco Learning Institute.  I was still employed by Aries, just on a new floor, with most of the same people.  Then in 2006 I was hired full time by Cisco Learning Institute and we moved to a new building.  The team that I was working with was slowly shrinking until I too was let go.

I was letting some of my old co-workers that I was now looking for work when Aries came back into the picture.  I started working today with my old teammates!  Most of the people that had transitioned to Cisco Learning Institute and were let go are now back at Aries and staffed at the Cisco Networking Academy.

I’ve been told that it’s a 3 month contract for me to be at the Networking Academy so I’m still looking for a fulltime job.

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