National Park!!!

So I made it! There was a main road that went back to a dead end. To the right was the zoo animals, and to the left was this curb and then a bunch of garbage and rubble where the cars were parked leading into a dense forest area.


I sat outside the snake house fanning myself and drinking my water. I was still worried about my lack of funds. I was thinking that making it to the park was probably a good enough accomplishment so I would spend the last of my cash on getting back to the airport (and waiting for a few hours till my flight left). BUT, here I was, at the snake house, it only cost 5 rupees (but I might need that to try and get back to the airport). Well, I decided to pay. and go in. They guy stopped me and said that I had to pay 10 rupees if I was taking any photo equipment in. Well, I just couldn’t part with another 5 rupees but I couldn’t NOT take a some photos. Oh, right so the exchange rate is 40 rupees to 1 US dollar, but if you don’t have enough money, what little you have becomes very valuable.


Ah, this photo of the snake house was taken from my seated position on the curb.


Um, this was the first thing I saw of interest. I pulled my camera out to take a photo (5 RUPEES!!!) and the thing jumped into the water liked greased lightning!!! It was kinda scary. Most of the exhibits weren’t put together very well so I had a certain concern about the stability of the fence. So I moved on.


They were just sitting there = slightly less scary. So I left.


This cute little not-reptilian specimen cozied right up anybody with food.


I shot some video here too.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    The snake house gives me the creeps all the way from here. Yuck.

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