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Work in Progress 2

Work in Progress

I’m not quite sure how this whole piece is going to come together yet, but I thought that I’d post the drawing that I did today.  I’m preparing to be at the San Diego...

Live Video Reporting on the Internet 0

Live Video Reporting on the Internet

Technology is AMAZING!  I just read that there is now live video streaming client for newer Blackberry phones.  You download the  Next2Friends client to your phone and use your camera to broadcast live events ...

Happy Aniversary 2

Happy Aniversary

I just realized that it was ONE year ago this month that I started blogging.  No real need for celebration, but I thought it would be interesting to look at what has happened in...

An interview with me 4

An interview with me

When I was promoting my Star Wars Celebration Japan Print I made a little animation from it.  Bonnie over at the official Star Wars Blog posted about it and it caught the eye of...